Bucks Rumor Roundup Part 2: Monroe, MCW and Delly

By: Bill Tewes

We are just a little more than 24 hours away from the start of the 2016 NBA Draft and already many rumors are being put to rest. It is being reported by multiple media outlets that there is seemingly little to no interest in the Boston Celtics 3rd overall pick. Whether that is because the asking price is too high, or because Boston is waiting for a better deal is yet to be seen.

The Milwaukee Bucks are still in the headlines as team officials have stated that Khris Middleton, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jabari Parker and obviously Johnny O’Bryant are untouchable as far as trades are concerned. This comes as a relief to many Bucks fans who are fed up with seeing the team trade away talent and get burned in the process. The Bucks are also still in the draft night eve headlines for two recent rumors:

Greg Monroe and Michael Carter-Williams trade value

According to some league officials as reported by HoopsHype, the Milwaukee Bucks are  having a difficult time finding a suitor for Greg Monroe. Some unnamed league executives from both conferences stressed that they believe the Bucks can’t even get a lottery pick for Monroe.

This is hard for me to believe as Monroe averages a double-double nearly every night and even though he signed a player friendly contract with Milwaukee, should still have appeal to a contender. Even though the league is going in a small ball direction, it was quite obvious that the Golden State Warriors desperately needed Andrew Bogut’s skillset as they got killed in the paint against the Cavaliers. Monroe still provides a lot of offensive value, even if his defense is lacking. A contender could certainly use the points in the paint and an above average free throw shooter for being a big.

As for Michael Carter-Williams, it seems as if the former Rookie of the Year’s trade value is at an absolute all time low. Carter-Williams had a poor showing last season which ended in him having hip surgery. If the Bucks could part with Carter-Williams in a multi player deal and get some value back for him, it might be worth pulling the trigger on a trade. Otherwise the Bucks may be wise to hang on to Carter-Williams and hope he increases his trade value or can be used as bench depth moving forward.

Dellavedova and Jason Kidd’s obssesion with him

I cannot quite figure out what the Bucks’ brass (err Jason Kidd’s) deal is with Matthew Dellavedova. Last year Delly had an incredible NBA Finals series against the Golden State Warriors in place of the injured Kyrie Irving. But since Irving came back and destroyed Golden State in this years’ finals, I cannot see the appeal for giving Dellavedova a lot of money. Dellavedova saw limited playing time in this years’ Finals and we saw more of the #52 than we probably expected to see (Mo Williams).

ESPN Cavaliers writer Brian Windhorst believes that the Bucks are absolutely obssesed with Dellavedova. Windhorst stated on Zach Lowe’s podcast that the Bucks have a certain infatuation with Dellavedova:

“For some reason, (chuckles) and I got a pretty good idea why, the Milwaukee Bucks attended Cavs games in the playoffs like they were a fan of the team. They had scouts there…Jason Kidd came to one of the games. I think the Bucks have zeroed in on Dellavedova. I think they intend to offer him a bunch of money.”

If the Bucks do indeed sign Delly, I think it would be another questionable move on “Kidd’s” part as de facto GM of this team. Even though there has been speculation that Bucks management has been less than thrilled with Jason Kidd’s personnel moves, this latest rumor adds even more concern that Kidd is meddling in places where he should stay out of. Kidd already got burned by his desire to have Michael Carter-Williams as this team’s court general and I think the Bucks would be remiss if they pursued Dellavedova.